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August 16, 2009



I can't import the loads from the motion analisis to my simulation study. I go to the simulation tab - import motion loads, I have no problem in selecting the parts I want to study but when I click Ok nothig happens.
From what I read in the solidworks help a new tab of motion study should appear, but nothig happens.
Am I doing something wrong?
I have solidworks 2009 and I have the simulation and motion adds in.

Ashish Jaiswal


Did you try to open the part separately on which you had imported the motion loads? You should see a new study defined already for the part with the motion loads.



I thoght that you could import the motion loads from all the parts of the assembly at once and then make a simulation of all the assembly.
But when I select all the parts, there is no new study.
It is a very simple problem, a fourbar linkage. You are telling me to do one part at a time?
This is the first time I use solidworks I apologise if this isn't what you ment.
Thank you very much for your response in such a short term.

Ashish Jaiswal

Yes, you can import the loads from motion study on all the parts however, the loads are imported on the parts individually. For example, consider an assembly A with parts B,C and D. After motion study on assembly D, when I import the loads on all the parts A,B and C, each of these parts when opened separately will have a static study assigned with the loads from the motion study. This holds good for 2009 but from 2010, the Motion Analysis has even more options and one can perform static analysis within the motion analysis.



Thanks for the advice, but I can't make it work. After I go to simulation, import loads, I select the parts, click ok button and the programam appears to charge something, but nothing happens, no new study is opend.
Do I have to do something else, or should a new tab appear automatically whit a new simulation study?.
I have tried with sinlge and multiple frames, but I get no results.

Ashish Jaiswal

Did you try opening the part separately in SW? Check for a new simulation study for that part. Make sure, Simulation/Motion addins are turned on.


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