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February 02, 2007


John Burrill

Why not just use a design table? The partnumber parameter can be set to $C for the configuration name, $P for the parent configuration name, it can be left blank for the document name and anything else you enter becomes a user-specified value.

Paul Niedfeldt

Design tables are good for generating a lot of configurations quickly, but when it comes to managing custom properties there's not so great. Maybe, if you want to enter all the part numbers for 100 configurations editing them through a design table would be good. But, when you have to change just one the design table becomes slow and difficult. What if you don't have a part with only one config do you really want it to have a design table for no reason?


Has anybody gotten this to work in 2009? All I get is a blank cell in the Solidworks BOM in the "PART NUMBER" column of the part in question when I tie a custom property to the "user specified name"

Paul Niedfeldt

I have verified that this works in 2009. Here are some things to check:
1. Check that the Config name shows [ $PRP:"PartNumber" ] as shown in the picture
2. Edit your Config specific custom properties for that specific config and make sure a custom property named "PartNumber" Exists.
3. Make sure the the property from #2 has a value in it.
4. In your BOM make sure the column is set to the Part Number radio button and NOT set to the custom property PartNumber or to something else and just named PartNumber.

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